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Static websites


per website
  • Home page
  • 5 Page Website
  • Attractive design
  • .com Domain
  • Clients logo will be used
  • Not Editable Content

IT Support & Networking


  • One time Fix
  • E-readers, computer, smart phones, printer and Smart TVs
  • Router/Modem
  • IP Security
  • Wi-Fi Setup
  • Email Setup
  • Software Installation
  • File Backup
  • Virus Removal

Dynamic Website


per website
  • Home Pages
  • 7 Page Website
  • Attractive design
  • .com Domain
  • 1GB Web space
  • CMS Available



per website
  • Best Ecommerce Design or Themes
  • unlimited Product upload
  • Check products availability
  • Manage New Products & Product Catalog
  • .com Doamin & Unlimited Space
  • All CMS Available



per website
  • 3 Month Pack
  • 10-20 Keyword
  • keyword finalize and placement
  • Image optimization & css optimization
  • Off and On page optimization
  • Internet and Digital Marleting

Delivery Methods

All the product will be delivered by electronic mails and if specifically requested, the products can be delivered in the form of Compact Disc or Hard Disc by normal postage

Delivery Timing

The time a website project takes depends on the size of the site, the functionality of the website build and a client’s communication and decision-making processes. With the right web development and design team, the entire process can be smooth. On average, a typical business website with responsive functionality and accompanying content management system will take between 10 to 15 days to complete. However, a more involved e-commerce site or large portal application may take more time. A smaller micro site may take less time. There are dozens of factors that will affect the total length of the project, ranging from design and functionality finalization, client deliverables and more.

Time Difference? No problem

Avanster has worked with clients in different time zones successfully. Flexible hours of operation enable our teams to work closely with clients in having webinars, online meetings, skype calls during the course of the project and beyond.

Weekly Reporting

Avanster, weekly reporting is an important activity wherein clients are kept informed of the project progress with demos of work completed and other statistical reports.

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